Following last week's article, we've realised here at Printaply that our customers invariably don't stop at one tape cutter, but come back for a second, third or fourth!  We've spoken to a few of these customers, and here's why they couldn't do without them now...

Specialist Food Packer:

'On one job alone these machines took our production time from 58 hours down to 18.  This works out as an extra £3-400 profit per job for us, therefore the machines are paid for very quickly.'

Fabric & Pattern Swatch Book Manufacturer:

'It’s a brilliant machine - a production tool which makes jobs easily twice as quick for us.  We can be doing 10,000 cuts per month on one M&S job alone.  The machine at £495 has paid for itself in just six weeks!'

Specialist NCR Book Printer:

'As well as the obvious savings in time, and hence cost, this tape cutter gives a uniform guaranteed length and a nice clean cut.  This is excellent for both giving the customer a consistently quality job, and giving us more profit per order – a win-win!'

Click here to learn more about the ZCut9GR, or please get in touch with us to discuss your tape cutter requirements!  Also watch this space - more models to be launched soon!