collageIn our daily quest to help our customers find solutions to hand finishing challenges, our Automatic Tape Cutter has triumphed yet again! 

One of our customers had to find a way of packing gourmet chocolate in a way so that the packaging could be reused as the product reduced in size.  Installing three ZCut9GR tape cutters has enabled our customer to produce over 650 finished packs in an hour! (Yes, that is a delightful amount of chocolate!) And, please note that is with a production team of only six!  The tape cutter is pre-programmed to a length of 40mm, and with the separator allowing two rolls of tape per machine, this keeps the six operators constantly busy.

Our very happy client says we’ve gone from producing 30-40 packs per operator in an hour, to over 110 per operator, more than halving the production time.  It has increased the profit on the job very impressively.’  Reducing the production time from 58 hours to only 18 saved our client at least £300 on the first job!

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