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Pristine UltrA Matt Lamination Film

If you cannot generate 6 ton of nip pressure on your laminator and you want to laminate digital print, our Ultra films will guarantee that the laminate will stay stuck to the print. Our Pristine UltrA range of films have excellent bonding properties, especially designed for laminating digital print. As well as giving a high quality finish, your print is also enhanced. High surface tension means this is suitable for spot UV varnishing and other post laminate processes.

Pristine UltrA Matt laminate is available on 25 and 76mm cores. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements! 

CodeDescriptionPack SizePriceSelectBulk Price
0490Pristine Ultra Matt 27 Micron x 315mm x 500m x 76mm1£48.20
0491Pristine UltrA Matt 27 Micron x 440mm x 500m x 76mm1£67.30
04055Pristine UltrA Matt 43 Micron 315mm x 200m x 25mm1£44.75
04056Pristine UltrA Matt 43 Micron 440mm x 200m x 25mm1£62.55
98800Pristine UltrA Matt 43 Micron x 320mm x 150m x 25mm1£34.10
SP0428Pristine UltrA Matt 43 Micron x 315mm x 500m x 76mm1£100.95
SP0438Pristine UltrA Matt 43 Micron 440mm x 500m x 76 mm1£67.30
04043Pristine UltrA Matt 27 Micron 315mm x 1000m x 76mm1£96.35
04044Pristine UltrA Matt 27 Micron 440mm x 1000m x 76mm1£134.60
98723Pristine UltrA Matt 27 Micron 315mm x 1500m x 76mm1£144.55
98445Pristine UltrA Matt 27 Micron 440mm x 1500m x 76mm1£201.90
04023Pristine UltrA Matt 27mic 315mm x 3000m x 76mmPiece£269.60
04024Pristine UltrA Matt 27mic 440mm x 3000m x 76mmPiece£376.60

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